Solar Panel Installation Tips

Now that we’ve talked about solar modules, solar shingles and photovoltaics, you’re now ready to install your solar panel! At some point in the future, we’ll talk about costs and incentive savings, but for now, we’ll just focus on where and how to install your solar panels.

Position and placement of your solar panels are just as important as something like your garden – you wouldn’t put your garden under the shade of the garage overhang, would you? Of course not! Flowers need sunlight!

The positioning of solar panels is important because you want to get the maximum amount of sun exposure. It’s important to measure, research and possibly even consult with a professional before installation, as you want to make sure you do such an investment properly.

As seen here, most solar panels are placed at an angle.

solar-energy-300×225 There is a variety of locations where you can place solar panels: rooftops, on the ground, over parking lots and corridors and even close to some walls. The angle at which the solar panel is installed depends on where the property gets the most sunlight, the possibility of exposure to the elements and the strength of the roof or other objects that the solar panels are attached to. The last thing you want is your investment crashing to the ground! Again, it’s always a safe bet to get a professional to consult with you on the installation, even if they aren’t the ones doing the installation.

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