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Custom Designed and Built Solar Electric Power Plants

We custom design and build solar electrical power stations to supply 1 MW to 100 MW electrical power. These solar to electrical power generation systems use either photovoltaic solar cells or concentrated solar power by computer controlled heliostats to generate high temperature steam to drive electricity generating turbines.

Following consultation services for solar project developers are available:

  • Electrical design

  • Structural design

  • Procurement of materials

  • Bid assistance and

  • Construction management

We provide expertise in the design and building concepts for:

  • The electrical power utility company to deliver electricity for a community

  • Hot water supply for individual or group housing

  • Solar street lamp on the lamp post or mounted on the exterior wall of a building

  • Individual solar power stations for individual homes

Solar Micronics is in the process of designing and building a 2 MW solar PV power plant at a mine in Puerto Rico.

The following services are being provided:

Design Phase:

  • Electrical engineering design

  • Related structural engineering design

  • Soil erosion plan

  • Site plan for the proposed PV system

  • PV module structural mounting details

  • PV system block diagrams

  • Electrical connection details

Construction Phase:

  • Project schedule

  • Subcontractor bid, and permitting assistance

  • Procurement of equipment by sourcing from the best source for the right quality

  • Installation, and system testing

The site is 10 acres in size, and is connected to Puerto Rico Electrical Power Authority Grid via a 3.5 MW substation. The secondary voltage needed is 480 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz. Project completion time: 12 months.

Current US Mainland Projects:

Calumet City – 10 MW Solar PV

Dixmoor-Harvey – 10 MW Solar PV

Princeton – 30 MW Solar PV

Projects in India

1 20 MW Industrial Firm AP
2 25 MW Infrastructure Firm Rajasthan
3 5MW Industrial Firm Maharastra
4 10 MW Industrial Firm AP
5 10 MW Power Company Maharastra
6 10 MW Technology firm AP
7 7.5 MW (off grid capacity unknown) Energy firm Toll Plazas
8 OFF-GRID UNKNOWN Energy Management Firm Cell Towers in India
9 5 MW Mining Firm AP
10 5 MW Mining Firm AP
11 20 MW Power Company AP
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